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              Factors affecting test accuracy and function of tensile testing machine

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              The force sensor of the tensile testing machine: the quality of the sensor directly determines the accuracy and stability of the tensile testing machine. Now, the sensors used in the tensile testing machine on the market are generally S type sensors, and more than 1 tons or more are commonly used spokes type sensors. The inside of the sensor is usually a resistance strain gauge. If the strain gauge is not of high precision or the glue used for fixing the strain gage can resist aging, the sensor can be used for 1 years. If you can't, it will directly affect the accuracy and service life of the sensor. Therefore, if you choose the sensor produced by the regular brand manufacturer, the quality will be guaranteed and the test function will be more stable.

              Screw rod of tensile testing machine: as the primary part driving the movement of sensor, the gap of screw rod directly affects the deformation and elongation data of experiment. T-shaped screw rod and ball screw rod are commonly used in tensile testing machine on the market. The former has large gap, large friction and short service life; the latter has no gap, high hardness and long service life, which ensure the test accuracy together .

              Power system of tensile test: at that time, the electronic tensile machine in the market generally used frequency conversion motor and servo motor. The former had slow control response, inaccurate positioning, narrow speed regulation planning, no low speed if there was high speed, or no high speed if there was low speed, and the speed control was not accurate; the latter used full digital pulse control, with wide speed regulation planning, which could complete 0.001mm-1000mm / min It can meet the needs of different users for tension and pressure test, with accurate control and positioning, fast reverse and long service life.

              Therefore, when purchasing the tensile testing machine, users should carefully understand the introduction of the above several primary components in the relevant technical parameters provided by the manufacturer. They should also trust that there are no real products with good quality and low price. They should not blindly seek for cheap prices, but more depend on the product quality and whether they can satisfy your test needs.

              The automatic contact angle instrument is used to measure the wettability of liquid to solid. After measuring the contact angle of liquid to solid, calculating and measuring the free energy of liquid, i.e. the adhesion and tension of liquid to solid, the instrument can be widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, papermaking and finished materials for scientific research and education According to the different needs of users, different types of instruments are provided.

              Automatic contact angle meter is a standard instrument for measuring solid contact angle (water drop angle), surface energy and liquid surface tension. Using advanced optical video measurement skills, the pictures taken by high-precision industrial cameras are sent to the accounting machine for data processing, with complete functions and convenient operation.

              Matters needing attention in the operation of waterproof roll tensile testing machine

              Top of the list, the key to check before using waterproof membrane tensile testing machine

              @A surrounding environment.

              @B supply voltage.

              @C startup detection.

              @D main engine must be grounded.

              Second, check the operation of the beam of the waterproof membrane tensile testing machine

              @A. whether each speed runs smoothly.

              @B. check whether the speed is normal.

              @C running interval, whether overshoot.

              @D belt and tension.

              Third, the waterproof membrane tension testing machine control panel necessary check point

              @A panel shows the function.

              @B panel button function.

              Fourth, the frame of waterproof membrane tensile testing machine must be smooth

              Fifthly, the load system of waterproof membrane tensile testing machine must be checked

              Sixth, the strain system to see the extensometer calibration and zero: measure the standard length.

              Seventh, waterproof membrane tensile testing machine drive system inspection (motor brush)

              Eighth, check the accessories, such as pneumatic fixture, air compressor pump, foot switch, etc.


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