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              Maintenance method of tensile testing machine

              2021-04-06 16:33:59    click:
              1. The first is daily maintenance, which is what we need to do every day or after each experiment
              1) Before the test, wipe the instrument, add oil smoothly on the screw rod according to the regulations, and carefully check the flexibility of the working part, the reliability of all the equipment, and whether the transmission is normal at low speed.
              2) In the experiment, we should pay attention to the working sound, whether there is noise, and investigate the temperature, electrical, appearance, pressure and other signals of the instrument together to see if it is safe and safe.
              3) After closing the power supply at the end of the tensile testing machine experiment, it is necessary to put the parts in place, remove the residual iron filings during the test, wipe the oil stains on the guide rail and sliding surface of the instrument, and add oil. Clean the work place and arrange accessories and other things.

              2. Weekly maintenance should be done every week.
              1) Protect the appearance of the tensile testing machine, wipe the guide rail and transmission parts of the testing instrument, and arrange the working site to ensure that the inside and outside of the surface are clean and free of rust, and the surrounding environment is tidy.
              2) Tension testing machine to check the parts of the situation, tight because of loose parts, adjust the cooperation gap. Check the stable equipment of the tensile testing machine to ensure that the transmission sound is normal without noise.
              3) Scrub the surface of motor and power line, check whether it is insulated and grounded, and ensure it is in good condition, safe and reliable.
              4) During the tensile test, the power supply can be cut off and the dust cover can be used to prevent the dust from entering the inside of the test machine.

              The types of experiments that tensile testing machine can carry out include tensile test, compression test, shear test, flexural test, peel test, tear test, cyclic test and zigzag test. According to the user's requirements, the maximum strength, modulus of elasticity (E), constant tightening strength, constant load elongation, compliance strength of non-metallic materials can be obtained. The bending strength, non share strength, total tightening strength, compressive (tensile) strength, elongation and so on of metal materials.

              Typical examples of tensile testing machine: plastic film, rubber fine metal wire, fiber and fine wire, aluminum foil, copper foil, photovoltaic belt, solar panel, bioinformation, polymer materials, adhesives, foam materials, pharmaceutical industry, packaging, paper products, elastic wood products, thin metal high strength metal wire fasteners, composite materials, etc.

              Tensile testing machine is widely used in wire and cable, textile, waterproof material, non-woven fabric, safety belt, rubber, plastic, film, steel wire rope, steel bar, metal wire, metal foil, metal plate and metal bar wire and other metal materials and non-metal materials and parts products for stretching, tightening, twisting, tearing, 90 ° peeling, 180 ° peeling, shearing, adhesion, pulling force The elongation and other experiments, as well as the special mechanical properties of some products.


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