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              High and low temperature box
              Programmable high low temperature test chamber
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              • 桌上型恒溫箱
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              • 雙開門恒溫箱
              Programmable high low temperature test chamber
              Model: HE-GD-100C9
              Product Information
              Product Description
              1.    Volume, size and weight
              1.1.    Volume (100L)
              1.2.    Inner box size W(500)mm × H(500)mm × D(400)mm
              1.3.    Outer box W(1000)mm × H(1580)mm × D(950)mm
              1.4.    Weight (200)KG
              2.    Performance
              2.1.    Test environment conditions Environment temperature +5~+28℃, relative humidity≤85%, under the condition of no sample in the chamber
              2.2.    Standards
              GB/T 5170.2-2008 Temperature testing equipment
              2.3.    Temperature range -40℃~150℃
              2.4.    Control precision ±0.2℃   
              2.5.    Temperature fluctuation ≤0.5℃
              2.6.    Temperature error ≤±1℃
              2.7.    Temperature uniformity ≤2.0℃
              2.8.    Heating rate 3℃/min(nonlinear and no-load)
              2.9.    Cooling rate 0.75~1.2℃/Min(nonlinear and no-load)
              2.10. Working noise
              A sound level≤70dB(A)
              (In the environmental temperature 25 ℃, the less echo inside the soundproof room; the average value of 8 points tested by A,; each test point away from the noise source 1 meter, height from the ground 1 meter)
              2.11. Meet the test method
              GB/T2423.1-2008(IEC60068-2-1:2007) low temperature test method Ab
              GJB150.4-1986   low temperature test
              3.    Structure characteristics
              3.1.    Thermal insulation structure 1.Outer material: high quality stainless steel plate
              2.Inner material: high quality mirror stainless steel plate
              3.Chamber box thermal insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam + glass fiber
              3.2.    Air conditioning channel
              1. Adopt more wing centrifugal circulation fan, strengthen axis with high and low temperature resistance of rotating blades made of aluminum alloy, in order to reach forced convection.
              2. FLOW THROW air supply way: horizontal diffusion vertical heat exchange arc cycle.
              3. Adjustable side outlet and protection steel inlet.
              3.3.    Test chamber standard configuration
              1. Observation window: one transparent electrothermal film hollow toughened glass (on the door)
              2. Pin hole: oneφ50mm (located in the left of the box)
              3. On the door with indoor lighting lamp (longevity and high efficient energy-saving lamps)
              4. Mobile casters: 4
              5. Fixed foot cup: 4 (height adjustable)
              6. Specimen shelves:2 layers of stainless steel specimen holder, 8 hook, bearing (uniform distribution) : 25 kg/layer
              (sample in the chamber box accumulative total load no more than: 100 kg)
              7.PC communication software CD, U disk interface
              3.4.    Door Single door open, with observation window, lighting, window frame/frame prevent condensation heating device
              3.5.    Control panel Controller display screen, U disk interface, power switch, stop switch
              3.6.    Mechanical room
              Refrigeration units, cooling fan, condenser inlet
              3.7.    Power distribution control cabinet IO plate, machine tool transformer, ballast, intermediate relay, time relay, solid state relay, ac contactor, thermal relay, fuse, owe anti-phase relay, air switch
              3.8.    Power cord hole located on the back of chamber
              4.    Refrigeration system
              4.1.    Working way 0℃~-40℃model use the single-stage compression,-40℃~-70℃use binary cascade refrigeration way
              4.2.    Refrigeration compressor Fully enclosed low noise rotor compressor
              4.3.    Evaporator Outside fin inside screw thread tube heat exchanger (and do dehumidifier)
              4.4.    Condenser Air-cooled: outside fin inside screw thread heat exchanger
              4.5.    Throttle device Expansion valve + capillary
              4.6.    Plate heat exchanger (for cascade type refrigeration system) Stainless steel welded plate heat exchanger
              4.7.    Refrigerator control mode 1. Control system according to the test conditions automatically adjust refrigerating machine running working condition of best energy conservation
              2. Evaporator refrigerating capacity switch by control system drive solenoid valve
              3. Compressor return air cooling loop
              4.8.    Refrigerant R404a/R23(Ozone loss index is 0, R23 is for cascade type refrigeration system)
              5.    Electrical control system  
              Displayer 7 inches, LCD touch type
              Precision Temperature:±0.1℃+1digit
              Resolution Temperature:±0.1
              Temperature gradient 0.1~9.9, can be set
              Controller specification 1. With upper and lower limit standby and alarm function.
              2.temperature and humidity signal into force Ω PT 100 x 2 (dry bulb and wet bulb).
              3.Temperature and humidity change force :4 ~ 20MA.
              4.6 sets of P.I.D control parameters,P.I.D automatic calculation, dry wet ball automatic correction.
              Screen display function A. Touch input, screen direct display options.
              B. Temperature and humidity setting (SV) and actual (PV) values are directly displayed (in English)
              C. Display the current execution program number, segment, remaining time and return times.
              D. Cumulative time function of operation.
              E. The temperature and humidity program set value is displayed by the graph curve, with the real-time display program curve execution function.
              F. With separate program edit screen, directly input temperature and humidity and time.
              Program capacity and control function A. Available program group: the maximum 100 groups.
              B. Available memory capacity: 5000pcs in total.
              C. Repeatable command: 9999 per command.
              D. The production of the program is conversational, with the functions of editing, clearing and inserting.
              E.SEGMENTS time set 0 ~ 530Hour59Min.
              F. With power cut-off program memory, automatic start and follow up function after power recovery (save more than 10 years)
              G. The graph curve can be displayed immediately when the program is executed.
              H. Has date and time adjustment function.
              I. Key and screen LOCK function.


              +86 13631787342


              +86 0769-89775458

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